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The Playlist for Women Entrepreneurs That Gives All the Feels

With most of us working from home these days, we need to think more about our work environment. It’s not just about being organized. This can be putting fresh flowers on your desk or playing music throughout your day. As a person who loves events and live entertainment, I find great joy in music. I play it often at home.

Studies show that instrumental music is the best one for optimal focus.

What if you’re looking for a playlist to listen to while you’re walking, working out, or driving?

What about songs that feel like something you’ve been through in your journey with entrepreneurship?

As a woman entrepreneur who loves listening to music frequently, I decided to create a playlist for women entrepreneurs. What makes this playlist different?

These songs talk about the thoughts and emotions that many other women entrepreneurs face. Emotions such as envy and stress, to confidence and self love. Let’s be honest entrepreneurship is an emotional journey!

Songs That Resonate with Female Entrepreneurs

I love each of these songs, but I do resonate with a handful of them. Here are 3 songs that I feel embody many of the thoughts and feelings associated with entrepreneurship.

Fuck with Myself – BANKS

While this song may come off as sexual. I interpret it as an expression of self-love. She talks about loving herself more than anything else and not caring about what others think of her. I feel like this really resonates with me, especially in my first year of starting my business. 

I would constantly worry if my posts on Instagram would get engagement. I would worry about what people would think of my photos and posts that weren’t as pretty as other marketing consultants. I was so over it.

 I love this message because, at the end of the day, we need to love ourselves. We need to have confidence in ourselves and be our own cheerleaders. 

Lose my Cool – Amber Mark 

The melody and beat were the first two things that drew me to this song. After listening to the lyrics, I felt like I could relate. As new female entrepreneurs, we all have incidents where we lose our cool. It could be client-related, trolls, or just a bad day. I think this song embodies a feeling that many female entrepreneurs experience from time to time.

Something Better – Ralph

Before I started my business, I was working at a 9-5 job that I hated. Before that, I dated a toxic person for 7 years. During both, I always asked myself, “Is there something better?” I was at a dead-end job with someone who treated me bad. I felt stuck. I feel like this is a common thought many female entrepreneurs think before jumping into entrepreneurship. 

We reached a dead-end or lack of fulfillment that caused us to create our own businesses. 

This is just of the many playlists I plan to make. I want to keep finding more indie female artists.

My Mission: Supporting Women in Business

Ever since I started my business, I knew I wanted to support women and female entrepreneurs. I do that with my marketing consultancy and also with my event platform, Delectable Dialogues.

I look forward to creating more playlists! Who doesn’t look to find new artists to support?

Listen to my playlist below and let me know in the comments which song you like!

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