Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Women-Owned Businesses You Should Know

Where do you shop during the holidays? Do you value where your products come from or how they are made?

As some of you know, supporting women-owned businesses is a big part of my mission. As a marketing consultant, I love to help women-owned businesses grow their online visibility in search. All of my clients are women entrepreneurs and it’s my mission to help them succeed. I also love to help women on a social level. Delectable Dialogues is a way to help support the women with enlightening conversations over a curated menu. All in all, I do all I can to support women in my circles and within the community.

This year, I would like to share my holiday gift guide with those looking for unique products made for women, by women. I have personally each of the products mentioned in this guide and love them all.

Mojo Owl

Nors is the artist of the fun and whimsical Chicago-based brand Mojo Owl. Using her passions in energy healing and gemstones, Nors creates beautiful jewelry for women of all ages. Nor also offers energy clearing and altar items. She has hand-cut crystals and sage sticks of all colors. Be sure to follow her IG, where she lists all her current offerings and pop-ups where you can purchase her products!

Great for spiritual family or girlfriends! Lovers of unique, handmade jewelry.

Mojo Owl rose wrapped sage sticks

What I have – Rose-wrapped sage sticks. I cleanse our house at the beginning of every month to get rid of negative energies. It’s more than a sage stick, the roses wrapped around make it even more special.

De Mi Tierra

Evelia is the founder of this lovely Latina, woman-owned brand. De Mi Tierra offers high-quality, organic skincare products here in Chicago. The name means, from my earth, symbolizes the celebration of Latin-American ingredients. It is influenced by Mexican culture and heritage. I found out about her through The Small Project. I was immediately drawn to her by her website’s branding. It is very bright and feminine. I am also Latina, and I love her story of using her grandmother’s traditions in skincare to create her products.

Great for skincare junkies and lovers of quality, organic products!

De Mi Tierra rose petal whipped body butter

What I have – The Rose whipped body butter. I love it, especially during the cold weather here in Chicago. I love thick, moisturizing lotion that lasts!

Chocolat Uzma

Founder Uzma Sharif infuses her South Asian heritage into her unique chocolate bars, sipping chocolates and truffles. Located in the Chicago neighborhood of Pilsen, Uzma’s chocolates bring unique flavors like Kashmiri Chai and other South Asian flavors to the taste buds of Chocolate-lovers. I am a big fan of small-batch chocolates. I believe this makes the chocolates even more special.

Great for anyone you know who loves unique-flavored, premium chocolate.

Chocolat Uzma South Asian inspired chocolates

What I have – Chocolate truffles (Kala Namak & Kashmiri Chai)

Holistic Blyss

Blyss is the founder, herbalist, and healer behind Holistic Blyss. Blyss strives to create equitable healing spaces for BIPOC communities using her herbal products. As an Afro-Latinx woman, Blyss is passionate about offering products to individuals in BIPOC communities with deep-seated racial & ancestral trauma. Her products are used to heal and rejuvenate the body and soul.

Great for individuals looking for unique herbal products to use for their body and soul.

Holistic Blyss Soothe body balm

What I have – I have the Soothe Body Balm. I tend to have tension in my upper back caused by stress. I put this all over my shoulders right before bed. When I woke up the following morning, that area felt almost back to normal.

Felice Donna

The silk brand was founded by long-time friends Maria and Veronika. Together, using their talents in business and fashion created a luxury lounge and sleepwear brand that symbolizes femininity, self-care, and self-love. They offer an array of silk sleepwear items and robes that take you to cloud nine when lounging in their products.

Great for any ladies looking for a pajama set or the gift of self-care.

Felice Donna burgundy silk robe

What I have – Their red slip and robe, which I love! I feel like royalty when I wear their set!

Borinken Cakes

This woman-owned, Latina brand infuses Puerto Rican sweets into their baked items. Borinken offers cupcakes, pastries, limbers, and specialty drinks! If you have a sweet tooth for flavors like coconut, passion fruit, and guava, you have to check them out! They offer delivery within 5 miles of both of their locations and also offer curbside pick up!

Great for anyone who loves unique cupcakes and Latin-flavors.

Borinken cakes - Coco Pacha flavor

What I have – The Coco Parcha cupcake – so good!

So there you have it, ladies. Here are my 5 women-owned businesses you can support this year! There is something for everyone on this list! I linked them in this post, so check them out!

Comment your favorite women-owned businesses in Chicago!

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