Let’s attract more prospective customers by providing content strategies that make sense for your business. I’ll help you identify areas where you need to focus on while remaining true to your brand.

Compelling Content for Loyal Customers

My goal is to create relevant, fresh content for your audience. Below are packages I offer.

However, these can be customized to meet your specific needs and budget.

Copywriting/Content Writing

Investment Starts at $400

I will write and structure your emails, blogs, and product pages to help your audience feel connected to your brand.

Consumers need to feel connected to a brand before they buy and great copywriting helps with that process!

I will use proven methods to draw your audience into the content and encourage them to take action. You will be provided with a Google Document and up to 2 revisions per piece of content.

Content Coaching/Strategy

Investment Starts at $600

During our initial 60-minute call, we will discuss a plan of how to reach your business goals with a formalized marketing strategy.

The goal of the strategy is to strategize the best ways to serve  content to your current and potential customers. We will discuss the KPIs and tactics on how you can reach your milestones.

We will do a brief content analysis to discover topics and messaging to serve your brand.

SEO Work/Coaching

Investment Starts at $800

I will help you create and optimize your content for search engines and potential customers.

I will research the best keywords within your niche, that will bring in your ideal customers. I also packages where I conduct an audit on your content. This will help find issues that are causing you to appear lower in search engine results pages.

Feel free to contact me with any questions on these packages!