Tips to Help You Create More Meaningful, Mindful Marketing Content for Your Audience

During my corporate career, I saw marketing as a face-paced industry. 

I was told to learn the trends, implement them, and go! I am challenging you to not do that. When we are reactive, our content suffers. 

When I worked in the corporate world, I remember always being stressed. Marketing campaigns would be rushed, and my co-workers were always on edge.

The truth is, if you plan ahead, you don’t need to rush. So why put yourself through unnecessary stress?

Last year was a challenging year for me. I was learning how to be a new entrepreneur. Lots of emotions and doubts caused me to be reactive in everything I did. So this year, I am making a conscious effort to be more intentional in my business and personal life. This means meditating more and slowing down in everything I do.

Belinda meditating

I am also educating my community to be more mindful with their marketing. It’s easy to batch content and hit schedule. 

I wonder if these people are getting the most out of their posts. More importantly, are they writing content that resonates with their audience?

This year marketing your business is going to require you to think deeper. Regardless of what trend you want to focus on this year, you may need to think deeper about your audience. 

So in this article, I will mention some tips to consider this year when creating your marketing content. I will also share a new meditation that you can use whenever you need some grounding.

Create a Comfortable Atmosphere For Your Content Creation 

Studies show that comfort affects productivity. So next time you have to write a long blog, email, or social media post, remember to be comfortable.

Wear those comfy pants you have and that go-to sweater you love. Make yourself a cup of coffee. I have flowers on my desk, and they help me feel better while working. I suggest working near some greenery. Plants can bring you a sense of concentration and help with air quality. Bring a plant close to your workspace and perhaps listen to some Lo-Fi music on Spotify

Once comfortable, make sure that you are away from distractions. I put my phone on Do Not Disturb and make an effort to block out times when I will not check my phone. 

Do not disturb setting on Iphone

Notifications from email and social media are focus killers. Both can really ruin your mindset as you prepare for doing work. I know you just posted a new Reel, and you want to see its performance. Don’t check it. It will take you into the black hole or Instagram. 

Stretching can also help you let loose on your creative juices. You can stretch or do a 5-minute yoga session. There are tons of short yoga YouTube videos that I love to watch. 

Think Deep About Your Customer Deeper 

Before writing or creating anything for your marketing, I encourage you to think deeper about your customers. 

This mindset goes beyond the content pillars, benefits, and pain points. Think about their psychographics; their interests, opinions and values.  

Let’s use an example of a life coach writing to her female audience.

The client, a woman, let’s call her, Vanessa, feels overwhelmed. Vanessa does not feel productive as a mom and corporate employee.

The life coach helps Vanessa stay on track with her own needs while also being a present mother and successful employee. 

The new concept to think about:

young mother working on laptop with child

What are Vanessa’s values? What are her values as a mother and as an employee? 

Is it to be more assertive with her family about her needs? 

Is it to get more rest during the weekend and focus more on her self-care?

What value is she getting from working with this life coach? Is it therapy? Is it accountability? 

There are value pillars each business has when working with its customers.

More importantly, how is this business creating content knowing this information? If you know these details, then you can create better marketing content. 

When your customer reads a post that mentions her personal values, she is more likely to keep engaging with your content and purchase. 

So bottom line, get into the psychology and values of your customer. 

Touch On Emotion 

As mentioned above, you want to make sure your content resonates with your customer. Whether you are using video, articles, podcasts, or anything in between, make sure you touch on emotion. Emotion is the only way you can be memorable with your audience. 

How can you do this with your content?

Use data/statistics your audience cares about.

Use imagery your audience is familiar with (brands, memes, videos, public figures).

Use social proof/user-generated content of individuals in the same audience.

Use language/terminology they use. You can find this within social media posts and closed Facebook Groups. 

Marketing Meditation

I will end this article with a marketing mediation you can use before you get into content creation. You can also access it on my Instagram. 

Find a comfortable position. Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in through the nose and out the mouth. 

Take this time to stop and relax. Your body and mind have done a lot already today.

Between social media, emails, and marketing, you could use a break.  

Take this time to pause. 

Take a deep breath in. 


Know that all of your tasks, projects, and campaigns can wait for a couple of minutes. 

Feel your body on the surface you are on. 

What sensations do you feel? 

What do you hear?

Focus on these sensations. 

If your mind wanders, bring it back to the breath. Use it as your anchor. 

Breathe in through your nose, fill your lungs, and hold.

Exhale out your mouth.

Be mindful of your actions today. Take each marketing task one at a time.

Give yourself some time to recharge in between your tasks. 

Rest when you need to. 

Know that all you want to accomplish for your business will happen at the right time. 

Trust yourself and the universe.

Even during challenging times, you can handle it. 

When we slow down and gather our thoughts, we are more likely to get clarity on ideas for our business.

You can handle anything. 

Have a beautiful day ahead. 

I hope this meditation gets you into a positive mindset about your marketing. Overwhelm starts when you don’t have clarity on the tasks you need to do. 

Take the breaks and the time you need to get your ideas together. Rushing into content creation, writing, or anything in between does not give you the best results. 

As always, if you need help with strategizing content for your business, I am here to help you. 

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