Tired of Feeling Burntout? Introducing the New Mindful Marketing Coaching Program

This past year has been SUCH a learning experience for me. I started my first year just looking to get clients and freelancing my way into this new world of entrepreneurship. I am a marketing consultant who helps with strategy, copywriting, and SEO. Towards the end of 2021, I realized that I needed to think on a higher-level strategic level. I thought, what can I do to truly help clients in the most authentic way possible, with the most impact? One of the projects I chose to work on is a mindful marketing coaching program.

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Clarity Is the Key

This year I have learned one thing that has brought me the most success: clarity. Without clarity in anything we do, we cannot achieve our goals.

The more overwhelmed we are, the more challenging it is to achieve our goals.

Clarity applies to:

  • Audience research
  • Content planning
  • Copywriting
  • Business goals
  • Marketing goals
  • Mindset

So this year, one of my new offerings is the 222 Content Clarity Program. It is an in-depth marketing coaching program that helps women entrepreneurs with their marketing mindset. The program gives clients strategies on how to cope with the overwhelm.

Clients and I will review one piece of content they plan to launch for their business. This can be a landing page, email newsletter, set of social posts, or a course module.

Marketing Coaching Program Goals

Within this marketing coaching program, I will edit and review their content. The 222 Content Clarity Program is a personalized coaching program that helps with mindset.

We know that mindset is everything in business.

I will provide them with mindset support. We will talk about elements of their marketing and planning of their content. And go through mindset and coping sessions.

Meditation has helped me immensely with managing my anxiety. Meditation helps me manage stress and gives me clarity.

I believe meditation and self-reflection can help clients with their overall mindset around marketing.

Belinda smiling at mindful marketing campaigns

Together, we will break down obstacles with content creation and copywriting. I want my clients to feel energetically excited and more mindful about their marketing, audience, and copywriting.

I want to be a support system for the women in this community who want to take their content to the next level.

I want my clients to feel more mindful not only with their content.

How are they planning their content from brainstorming to publishing?

How are they messaging their content?

How are they researching their audience?

What state of mind are they in when they are writing their content?

All of these questions matter.

222 Content Clarity Program

This program is ideal for female solopreneurs who want more help and support with their content planning and copywriting.

The program is also for female entrepreneurs who

  • May not have a formal marketing team or copywriter
  • Need help with their marketing mindset (how they think and feel about their marketing)
  • Want a copywriting editor to review their content
  • Want a mindset coach to help them overcome marketing challenges
222 Content Clarity Program

This program includes:

2 – 60-minute coaching sessions

2- 60-minute strategy sessions

2 – customized marketing meditations

PLUS, a review of one large piece of content with my edits and suggestions.

I will offer recorded meditations/affirmations they can use to uplift them during times when we are not together. Taking the time to meditate and incorporate positive affirmations can help one’s mindset around marketing.

The 222 Content Clarity Program is not just another marketing coaching program. The program is about mindset, support, self-confidence, and intrapersonal connection.

By the end of the program, I want my clients to feel less overwhelmed about marketing. I want clients to feel like they can handle whatever comes their way.

If you or someone you know may benefit from this program, I invite you to apply for the program. I have limited spots available!

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