Delectable Dialogues: Women’s Community in Chicago

Where women eat, drink, and chat over delectable conversations

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Delectable Dialogues is a project of Belinda Sanmiguel Consulting. Belinda is a Chicago-based content marketing consultant who empowers women-owned businesses to get more visibility, leads, and sales by working on their content marketing strategies and SEO.

Delectable Dialogues is a community for women, by a woman. The founder, Belinda Sanmiguel, wanted to create a new social experience for women.

After feeling disconnected and wanting to expand her network, Belinda decided to create Delectable Dialogues. Delectable Dialogues is a community that focuses on having real conversations surrounded by a curated food and drink menu.

Discussions consist of relationships, mental health, sexuality, friendships, and more. We want to have genuine conversations that help women meet new friends and feel less alone.


The mission of Delectable Dialogues is to create an inclusive, safe, and fun way to help women find new friendships. When women are in a fun atmosphere, learning something new over a great food and drink menu, anything is possible!

We make every effort to work with local women-owned food an drink brands, as well as other businesses.

Our first in-person kickoff event was on August 14th in Chicago. During this event, we talked about how to create new meaningful relationships as an adult woman.

We look forward to meeting you at our next event!

If you’re a woman entrepreneur or speaker who would like to collaborate, please contact me.

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